Executive and Corporate Coaching

Working with successful executive clients to help them make big life and career changes, develop their teams, grow as leaders, and achieve HUGE success.


Executive Coaching for CEO's and Leaders

The challenges and obstacles that leaders face in senior positions are complex and having specialist support enables you to continue to perform and progress in every aspect of your business or career.

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Team Coaching & Consultancy

We can work with existing or newly formed teams to facilitate a highly-effective collaborative environments. Our coaches and associates are skilled in many areas to bring coaching and consultancy at the highest level.

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Industry Leading Training & Mentoring

We believe that coaching enables individuals and teams to get to the point of realisation that change is possible and needed. Training over time then provides the skills to make that change possible.

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Boardroom Coaching and Consultancy

Our coaching work with executive board members often leads to team coaching and consultancy. We offer private one to one coaching with board members before bringing them together for group sessions.

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Master Coach, Dave Williams

Dave Williams has a wealth of business experience as a Senior Manager, and running his own businesses for over 10 years. His ability to positively motivate and influence teams has led him to being used as a ‘troubleshooter’ in underperforming businesses. Specific areas include customer service, time management, motivation, internal communication, public speaking and leadership.

For over 25 years Dave has been coaching, starting with the store team and progressing to entrepreneurs and business owners at National Conference Centres and International Webinars. More recently, Dave has also worked with employees and directors/owners from such varied companies as the GMB Union, Wolverhampton Council, Aldi, Toyota, Consumer Council for Water, Tata Steel, The Mansfield Building Society and British Cycling to name some.

In 2018, he was asked to be a Judge for the UK Business Awards.

About Dave
"In many ways I am different from many coaches as I have been there and have still got the t-shirt, so coach from the heart, not the mouth! Therefore, I am passionate about coaching, coaching and helping people so I coach looking at both sides of the scenario, from the company and also from the employee point of view. As an Accredited Master Coach (IIC & M), I also introduce coaching questions, which means instead of the individuals just being ‘talked to’, they will need to engage with themselves, producing better results as individuals and their respective businesses."

Dave WIlliams

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"I had the pleasure of meeting Dave on a recent leadership coaching course. Not only did Dave greet me with the warmest, friendliest smile but throughout the day he was engaging, patient, professional and put me at complete ease. Every question was met with a thorough response, never did I feel that anything I asked was 'silly.' I came away from the day feeling empowered and with the best possible tools to confidently lead my Team. Having attended courses in the past where I have been 'talked at,' Dave's style of coaching was such a breath of fresh air - I felt valued and that my opinion was important. Without question, the knowledge that Dave shared with me is invaluable - this coupled with the fun that Dave injected made for my perfect learning environment. I highly recommend Dave to anyone that is lucky enough to come into contact with him - thank you!"

Paula - Manager

"Dave is an exceptional coach, his best talent is that he cares. He cared enough to take the time to tailor the course according to the delegate needs. He cares enough to offer support throughout the course, and when that isn’t enough he will go the extra mile in his own time to ensure that he has given you the best possible help he can. Not only does he teach you the tools you need to better perform in your role, but he also supports and motivates you to perform better. I’d recommend anyone to attend his courses and hopefully take away the positive messages that I did."

Poonam - HR Exective

""Thanks for giving me my life back!""

Wayne - Business Owner

"I have had the pleasure of working alongside Dave Williams and benefitted from his wisdom as a business coach. He is a great motivator and has the knack of asking the right questions at the perfect time to push his clients towards their desired results. He has helped me on many occasions when I have felt stuck by helping me to dig deeper and see that I have the answers ready to move me forward. He has a cheery personality and working alongside him is always a pleasure. Dave is a very experienced coach, he is very patient, but also persistent and determined. He really cares that his client makes progress and willing to customize a program for them to suit their needs. His work ethic is second to none and always strives to go above and beyond what is expected."

Jo - Entrepreneur

"I just want to say thank you for the faith you had in me, and for the help and guidance you gave me, as I doubt I’d be where I am right now if it weren’t for all you taught me as the course was one thing but you as a person taught me so much more, as just like myself, you do things from the heart."

Tracy - Senior Operator

"Having met several coaches over the years, Dave is the first one who really gets and understands me and is not afraid of asking the difficult questions to help me move forward."

James - CEO

""Dave’s commitment and depth of caring are outstanding. He has the ability to listen deeply and then ask the right questions to enable you to find the solutions that you need. Dave offers amazing tools to enable you to make changes and find a new direction. Thanks Dave xxx" "

Kay - Entrepreneur

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