Inspirational Speaker Dave,

is the perfect example of how to reinvent your life after a series of life challenges.After tragically losing his partner suddenly, he faced the choice of either submitting to his depression and suicidal thoughts or learning to live life happily. Having successfully turned his life around, he is now a prominent speaker helping others on their own journey. As a mindset coach, Dave helps individuals to develop solid mental health strategies.
As well as running his own events, Dave has also presented to well known organisations including most of the Police forces in the Midlands helping them perform at their peak and stay mentally healthy.

Some feedback after his events:

"I enjoyed it, didn't find it boring. I could really relate to it and realised that I never set myself goals anymore, I just stay in my comfort zone. So, I realised that needed to change and have set myself 5 goals to focus on and I'm working through them, thanks to you."
"Thank you, that was inspirational."
"Yes, the event was great, and I definitely did find it interesting."
"I really enjoyed it. I love the fact that we can change our life."
"Honestly telling it was Excellent experience last night. I am new in this country and I really need such lectures to attend to relate myself with my own thoughts and steps. I take such workshops and lectures as my personality alignment. When I left the room I was full of positive energy and big smile. I still remember your words“ You are born as an uncut diamond and to get shine of diamond you need to go through different things, but always spread that shine so that others can also get the benefit of that shine”. I really like your way of involving audience."
"I just want to say thank you for the faith you had in me, and for the help and guidance you gave me, as I doubt I’d be where I am right now if it weren’t for all you taught me as the course was one thing but you as a person taught me so much more, as just like myself, you do things from the heart."






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