Expert at teaching businsesses and professionals to perform at their peak for maximum success.


You are you being programmed to focus on the negative?

Inspirational International Speaker Dave,

has been working with Business Owners, Directors, Senior Management and Professionals to help them perform at their peak for greater success for nearly 10 years. 
Dave uses his near 40 years mangement experience to deliver unique and effective strategies, using "language that lands"  helping them advance their businesses and also personal lives. 
Dave has now spoken in 4 continents, at events, and in front of teams, leaders, boards of directors on how to perform at their very best.  As well as speaking, Dave has been working with many leading organisations on Management Mastery, Public Speaking, Customer Service and works with personal clients in many areas including Confidence, Anxiety and Depression. 
No matter what is going on in your business, there is always one key area that is the priority:

Business is all about people and when the team is performing at its peak, the business does as well. 
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"Without question, Dave has been the best guest speaker we have ever had."

- Bosco Bonilla - Provost, Universidad Americana, Nicaragua

Always Remember How Special and Unique You Are!

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Dave opens up and shares his darkest moment in life and strategies he's used to live a full enriched life.  He gives 23 Proven Strategies that will help take YOUR confidence to another level in every element of your life!

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Worked With:


"I must say I do like what you do and the way you take your audience on a thought provoking journey of self exploration and discovery. Very difficult to do what you do and do it well, which you did, where people left feeling empowered."

Ron Lawrence MBE

"Dave, it was an immensly enlightening experience. Just what I needed at my lowest ebb. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for this experience."

Andy Doyle
HR Director

"I really don't know what you did with my directors on your course but thank you. The change has been amazing."

Loraine Thomas
HR Director - Stonbury

"Honestly telling it was Excellent experience last night. When I left the room I was full of positive energy and big smile. I still remember your words“ You are born as an uncut diamond and to get shine of diamond you need to go through different things, but always spread that shine so that others can also get the benefit of that shine”. I really like your way of involving the audience."

Jolene Chan

"Thank you, that has given me the belief that I need to change and can change things for the better."

Yvonne Dales
Police Chief Inspector

"I just want to say thank you for the faith you had in me, and for the help and guidance you gave me, as I doubt I’d be where I am right now if it weren’t for all you taught me as the course was one thing but you as a person taught me so much more, as just like myself, you do things from the heart."

Jane Barrett
Sales Director

"I just wanted to send you a message to let you know I really enjoyed the training yesterday. I've taken a lot from it and I will put into practice, not just in work but in my private life too."

Dan Evans

"I enjoyed it. I could really relate to it and realised that I never set myself goals anymore, I just stay in my comfort zone. So, I realised that needed to change and have set myself 5 goals to focus on and I'm working through them, thanks to you."

Pinder Sharma
Sales Executive

"Thank you so much, that was inspirational."

Nakatar Patel
Sales Manager

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