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is a #1 Bestselling author, Multi-Award-Winning Coach, creator of The Management M.A.S.T.E.R.Y. University is one of the most sought Peak Performance Specialists in the UK.

His unique energetic brand of coaching creates rapid personal change that effectively moves people to take more consistent action and go Further Faster with their personal and business achievements.

Dave is a Robins-Madanes trained coach and he became extremely proficient in assisting people to overcome the fears, phobias, and emotional challenges that hindered their lives and progress. From there, he went on to design a dynamic line of change programmes and services. He has delivered to FTSE 100 companies in the United Kingdom as well as across Europe and Australia and worked with personal clients ranging from CEOs to Single Parents and Senior Police Officers to Athletes in 5 continents.

Dave has delivered hundreds of workshops, coaching sessions, keynote addresses, seminars and training programs, and one-on-one coaching interventions and has presented to 4 continents around the globe. His remarkable ability to go straight to the core of the challenge and effect rapid change makes him a unique commodity in business and personal improvement.

Dave has authored and co-authored several best-selling books including a #1 Bestseller.

At his core, Dave is an expert in coaching business professionals to overcome behaviours and inner and outer obstacles that may impede their results and affect their bottom line.

Dave provides you with the influence, skills, and tools that give you the competitive advantage necessary to prosper in the everchanging marketplace of life both professional and personal.

When Dave is not traveling and presenting, he lives in Newcastle-under-Lyme in the UK.  His passion is people, and he is also a passionate runner with numerous half marathons under his belt with more marathons planned for the future!

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