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Award Winning Master Coach/Speaker

Dave Williams has a wealth of business experience as a Senior Manager and running his own business for over 20 years. His ability to positively motivate and influence teams has led him to be used as a project leader on many varied and sometimes unique projects and a ‘trouble shooter’ in many underperforming businesses.
For over 25 years Dave has been coaching, training, and mentoring, starting with the store team and progressing to entrepreneurs, Directors, Boards of Directors, CEO's and business owners on an individual basis, group sessions.  Dave is also an International Speaker who has presented in National Conference Centres and International Webinars.

Dave suffered personal tragedy in 2015, when things changed massively on a personal level. Not one who would be perturbed, he decided to enhance his skills and take them to another level. He was fortunate enough to be trained by two members of Tony Robbins training team, who helped him become an Accredited Master Coach. Using these newfound skills helped Dave to assist his clients achieve even better results and allowed Dave to focus his passion on helping businesses and individuals obtain clarity, take action and achieve better results.
"Every walk of life involves people, if we get your people right, the business will flourish" Dave Williams.
Recently, Dave has worked with employees and directors/owners from such varied companies as the GMB Union, Wolverhampton Council, Aldi, Toyota, Consumer Council for Water, Tata Steel, The Mansfield Building Society, Stonbury, and British Cycling to name some.
In 2018, has also been asked to be a Judge for the UK Business Awards.
In 2019, Dave became an Award-Winning ‘Wise Man’ with the Find Your Why Foundation.
Dave says ‘In many ways, I am different from many coaches as I have been there and have still got the t-shirt, so assist from the heart, not the mouth! I am a firm believer that everyone has the opportunity to be absolutely amazing however, for some reason they are not necessarily reaching their full potential. This can have a detrimental impact on both their professional and personal lives. Therefore, I am passionate about coaching, training and assisting people so I am looking from both sides of the scenario, from the business and also from the personal point of view.
Many coaching organisations have plans that will adapt to ‘every situation’ provided, the client (as an individual or organisation) fits into that plan. Surely that cannot be, right? Wouldn’t it make more sense that the needs of the client are discovered first so a strategy could be devised for them, the client, to help them achieve their goals?’

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