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Managers, Business Owners, Directors, Coaches, Executives, Consultants,...

 I’m looking for SEVEN ambitious Managers, Business Owners, Directors, Coaches, Executives or Consultants…  

I have 3 spaces in the '30 Day Transformation' (this is ONLY for people who are ready to make changes) and 4 spaces in the '90 Day Transformation' (this is for people who are looking to get more than one thing resolved and need additional assistance to reach their goals)

Let me ask you some questions………..

When was the last time……

  • You struggled to get out of bed every day – not because you're tired?
  • You had a lack of motivation?
  • You felt you could not make a decision and ended up procrastinating?               
  • You found yourself in a depressed state, wondering what you’re missing                                  
  • You felt unworthy?
  • You suffered with lack of confidence?
  • Are you thinking that there must be something else that you should be doing?
  • Are you unsure of how to feel happy and fulfilled?
  • Or maybe times are tough, and you don’t know what to do to make it through the challenges you’re currently facing.
  • You may have even had a period in your life where you achieved happiness, but lost it.

Well, you’re not alone, most people suffer from some sort of issues in the form of:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Low self-esteem
  • Anger
  • Frustration
  • Depression

which, if you break it down, is what is causing the aforementioned issues?

Once these final 7 spaces have been taken, I'll be at maximum capacity in both groups, and I’ll be ‘closing the doors’ for the foreseeable future. 

If you're one of ‘the 7’ you will: 

✅  Get a full immersion session
✅  Regular one-on-one coaching from me personally (usually costs upwards of £24k/year)

✅  Get to the bottom of the real issues that are holding you back and get them resolved
✅  Give you strategies to be able to use both professionally and personally
✅  Unlike many coaches, I will NOT be charging by the hour as it is your time and your result that is important!

However, there are two small conditions if you want to be considered...  

  1. You need to be prepared to be honest and open!

If we're going to work together on growing you, you need to be ‘all in’.

So, if you're one of these people who likes to "dabble" in and out of projects and programmes - you might as well stop reading now - this is not for you. 

But if you can commit 100%, I'd love to work with you and help you smash it!    

  1. You need to be prepared to be a featured case study in my future marketing

I'm prepared to significantly discount my usual £24k/year fee to work with you, providing I can do a ‘before and after’ video interview, telling the story of how together we transformed you and/or your business – obviously, if the subject matter is very personal, then the case study will be general, not specific.

As you may know, over the last few years I've become known as a "go-to guy" when it comes to resolving people’s issues and assisting people with their barriers, such as - confidence, depression, anxiety, goal setting, and mindset which, although are personal matters, can AND do impact business as well if they aren't handled. 

Here are just a few clients, who are getting stunning results right now!


Loraine is a successful HR Director in a male-dominated sector, who was not in a good place.  Life was controlling her and that is not the right way around.  Lack of self-esteem, confidence, dreading every day, and just ‘going through the motions of life’.  After working together, she is now in control of every aspect of her life, both personally and professionally.  Not only that, she has since been nominated for awards and was the first female to chair the Board of Directors for her company.


Wayne is a business owner and when we met, he was really struggling with life and business.  Overwhelm, self-doubt, and stressed out. Since we have worked together, he has changed his outlook and doubled his business turnover in 12 months and got his life balance right.


Paula is a Senior Manager and was having a challenge with work when we first started working together.  The intervention changed her thought process, so she came through that successfully. 
Later in the year, we then worked on some personal issues that had been holding her back for many years with her decisions and actions. After changing the way she looked at her story, so she now looked at it in an empowering way, she was then ‘headhunted’ by a different organisation. After working together again, she received an enhanced offer and virtually doubled her salary.

There are literally loads of other examples I could share, but I don't want to make this page any longer than it already is!

Remember - I'm only looking for 7 people to assist make changes.

These people will work closely with me, over the next 30 – 90 days to resolve their issues, transform their outlook and get their lives back on track, not living in the past but looking to the future and being the best, they can be. 

By the way... 

Let me say upfront, I HATE those hyped-up programmes that promise to transform people in hourly sessions.  What?  It is not about focusing on the time; it is about focusing on the client!  Indeed, many of my clients have been to coaches, therapists etc before coming to me but are frustrated with their lack of progress.  You see for me; it is all about results!!

Whilst I appreciate that these hourly session formulas are ok for some people, they're just not realistic for everyone. 

Hence, I start with an immersion session to help get to the core of the real issue(s).

So, I cannot and will not make any promises here if you want to achieve results by sitting on your bum and not committing to your results.

I'll do my bit (help you resolve your issues and give you the tools that will help you move forward) and YOU will need to put the commitment in as well.

What I will say, is that unless I believe you’re ready to change, I won’t accept you as a client.

Yes, you did read that correctly.  I do not accept everyone because I want people to get results because they are ready.  NOT throw money at something, expecting results if you are not really ready to empower yourself.

So, what I'd like to do is invite you to come and spend a day with me (for FREE) where I'll show you the ins and outs of how my coaching works, so you can see for yourself what it's all about and together we can decide if we’re a good fit (all the details of this "Discovery Day" are at the bottom of this email). 

What I can tell you, is that 6 years ago my life changed dramatically that left me with: 

No money. 

No vision. 

No future.

And, no idea what I was going to do next if indeed I was going to do anything at all as life seemed pointless. It definitely can be classed as being ‘Rock Bottom’.

Since then, I've invested many £000's in my development with many world leaders and now I'm going to show you exactly how I've turned my life around and helped others do the same.   

So, the big question: 


That's a valid question. So let me explain the two main reasons why I'm looking for 7 new people to transform their lives and look forward to the future: 

1) PROOF: 

This year I expect to assist somewhere in the region of 40-50 personal clients, and whenever I speak at my events, I always like to share new case studies from the stage.

Of course, I could just roll out the same case studies I've mentioned here, but it's important to me that the case studies I share are recent.


I’m a firm believer that we are all born special, and unique: however, over time, our natural uniqueness is glossed over by people, events, and our own thinking.

Everyone gets one shot at life so doesn’t it make sense to be the best we can be, you can be?

The investment won't be anywhere near my usual £24K year+ fee but will still be significant. 

In return, if you follow my coaching, you will overcome your barriers.  Now, let’s be realistic, if your behavior has been the same for many years, you may well ‘fall over’, meaning, fall into the old behaviors again.  However, I will be there to ‘hold your hand’ if you ‘fall’.

But as I already mentioned, before we can decide whether or not this opportunity is right for you, I'd like to invite you to "discover" it all for FREE first. 

So, I've decided to host a "Discovery Day" for interested parties near my office on the outskirts of Stoke on Thursday 25th November 2021.

At the Discovery Day I'll show you behind the scenes of my own Transformational W.I.N. To Live Roadmap. 

In the time we have together, I promise won't hold back a single detail, because I want you to have all the facts. 

Then we'll have a quick lunch (on me!) and in the afternoon you'll have the chance to ask as many questions as you like about working together. 

Finally, if you'd like to be considered for one of the 7 spaces I have available, you and I will sit down together for a private 1-to-1 interview where we'll decide if you’re a good fit. 

We'll start at 11am and I expect to wrap up around 3pm. 

A couple of points about the Discovery Day:  

  1. There are only 7 spaces available.

Due to the personal nature of the day, I can only allow 7 people to attend (and remember, I only have 7 spaces available).  

So, please do NOT attend unless you're at least very interested in improving your life. 

Having said that, you MUST attend if you want to be considered as one of the 7 people I'm going to work with.

I can't be spending hours on the phone with each individual who's interested. That's why I'm running the discovery day!  I am taking a few hours out of my calendar and explain everything to a small group of people all at once. 

So, in order to be considered, you must attend. 

  1. It's free to attend.

However, to ensure the 7 places at the Discovery Day aren't wasted (therefore denying serious candidates the opportunity) a fully refundable deposit of £500 is payable. 

This is just to demonstrate your commitment. The way I see it, if someone won't pay the £500 deposit to attend the Discovery Day, there's no way they'll be prepared to invest their time and resources in joining me and getting their issues resolved in the next 30 – 90 days.

When you attend the Discovery Day, there's no obligation whatsoever. If you decide this opportunity isn't right for you, your deposit will be refunded to you. 

To reserve your place at the Discovery Day on Thursday 25th November 2021, just click the link below to pay your fully-refundable deposit of £500:

Click here to reserve my place

If you have any further questions before committing to attend the Discovery Day, please email me on [email protected]

Remember, there are only 7 spaces available at the Discovery Day. Once they have been snapped up, this opportunity will disappear. 

So, if you're at all interested in resolving your issues and getting Your Life Back On Track, and being Your Magical Self you were designed to be, I urge you to read this page again and reserve your space on the Discovery Day today.

If you come along and the opportunity isn't for you... no problem!

I'll happily refund your £500 deposit immediately. You really have nothing to lose. 

Speak soon,


Award Winning MasterCoach, Dave Williams










"When it comes to working with an executive coach, there are many to choose from, however I made the right choice when it comes to working with Dave. During our time together, Dave took the time to understand what I needed and showed himself to be both extrememly observant and an excellent listener. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience, which he is able to relay in such a way you feel encouraged and ready to use. I am most impressed with his energy and focus. Having worked with Dave for a short time, already I feel more confident and better able to deal with challenges at work and in my personal life."

HR Director

"I have seen many coaches over the years and you are the first that 'get's me!"


A One Time Payment


Book My Place

"Thanks Dave, that is the first time in ages that I have managed to get clarity about where I am going."


"I couldn’t believe how inspiring, interesting and helpful it was. It certainly restores your faith in humanity! I am so pleased I made the commitment as I have come away feeling motivated and excited about putting the valuable information, advice and guidance Dave has shared into practice. If you feel you need some support to improve your confidence, I would highly recommend Dave." "

Project Manager

"Thanks for giving me my life back!"

Business Owner

"Dave's commitment and depth of caring are outstanding. He has the ability to listen deeply and then ask the right questions to enable you to find the solutions you need. Dave offers amazing tools and enables you to make changes and find a new direction."

Business Owner

If you feel this opportunity isn't for you!

One Time Payment


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"I can't tell you how much this means to me and I cannot thank you enough for all you have done. I am now going away with the biggest smile ever."

Police Chief Inspector

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