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Loneliness is the Greatest Curse

depression loneliness Oct 29, 2018

Loneliness is the greatest curse 
And loneliness is hell on earth
They say it's all in the mind 
Well I'm sure that's true 
But knowing isn't a cure 
It don't help me or you 

- Roger Taylor 

As the lyrics suggest ‘it’s all in the mind’, and being realistic that is correct. However, it is all about perspectives.  If you take the photograph at the top of this post some people will see it as a tranquil, beautiful, peaceful scene whilst others will see it as isolating and lonely. 

There is of course no right or wrong answer,  it is all about perspective. 

Everybody needs to feel ‘love and belonging’ as it is one of life’s basic human needs. Unfortunately, most of the time when people feel lonely, they feel that they are missing this and possibly detached from others.    

In a recent survey of 55,000 people in a BBC Loneliness...

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