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You are stronger than you probably think!

A bold, sweeping statement I am sure that you will agree.  But I firmly believe that it is true. 
Why? Well there are stories of people throughout the years doing what appear to be, super human things. 
‘In 2012, Lauren Kornacki, a 22-year-old woman in Glen Allen, Virginia, raised a BMW 525i off her father when the car toppled from a jack.’    

‘Seven years earlier, a man named Tom Boyle hoisted a Chevy Camaro, freeing a trapped cyclist in Tucson, Arizona.’  Not normal behaviour I grant you.   

‘Eddie Izzard, a 47-year-old stand-up and actor completed an astonishing 43 marathons in just 52 days, with only 5 weeks training.’  Most people take several months training to complete 1 marathon. 

With these 3 examples, it shows what can be achieved by ‘ordinary’ people.   

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that we have super human gods walking amongst us, or am I?  Maybe, just maybe, we are all super human gods, but frustratingly, most people don’t show their ‘god like’ potential. 

The thing with these three individuals is they focussed on the end result and what needed doing.  They used the most precious resource we all have in our body, our brain. 
They didn’t let the negative thoughts enter their mind, or if these thoughts did materialise, they were dismissed very quickly. 

One of the main issues people have is that they listen to the wrong people and rob themselves of being the best they can be – how frustrating is that?  But, most people do it as some stage. 

It may be comments from colleagues, friends, families or indeed partners and they listen to all this stuff on a regular basis and then start to believe it?   

Why? Well a couple of reasons really – firstly, repetition (the same thing being said continuously), after a while people tend to believe it’s true.  Secondly, it is sometimes easier to take these comments on board as it is less hassle and then easier to act upon. 
The problem is, if you let these comments take over your thinking then you are being controlled by someone else and these can also result in anxiety, depression, lack of self-esteem etc, to name some.   
But, hang on a minute, who is in control of your life?  Ultimately you! 
Avoid the ‘negative nellies’.   

It is your decision if you are going to accept these comments or not, take them on board and mould yourself around them.  But are you being the real you, or a clone of the real you?   

If you feel that you are behaving like a clone currently then guess what?  You CAN break free and be the person you are really supposed to be, the person you were born to be and find your true destiny.   

It will take some action and a change in mindset but you are stronger than you think and can achieve anything! 

 ‘There are too many people who don’t believe in themselves enough. Unfortunately, there are a few people who believe in themselves too much!’
Dave Williams Coaching 


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