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Max Wilson - Director

"Excellent course and training.  Dave was a great trainer, providing a lot of valuable advice to help us improve.  A very worthwhile decision!"

Loraine - HR Director

"I really don't know what you did with my Directors but it is amazing, thank you!"

Emma Smith - Manager

"I found this course really helpful and will 100% help me.  Dave, who ran the course, definitely knew what he was talking about.  I would highly recommend this course."

Charmaine - Business Owner

"It was a great course and very interactive.  Dave was very patient and took the time to make sure the team understood what was being said and how we can apply things to our personal lives."

Dan - Manager

"I just wanted to send you a message to let you know I really enjoyed the training we had yesterday and I've taken a lot from it that I will put into practice.  Not just in work but my every day life as well."

Anna Betts - Business Owner 

"Out of all the training courses I've attended and trainers I've met so far, you've been the most inspiring!"

It's time to believe in yourself & impact the people around you to reach your, and their full potential

So many businesses are struggling and they keep on putting more strategies in place with a view of resolving the issues!

In most cases, this is like putting a sticking plaster on a really deep wound.  Meaning, it may help initially but it isn't resolving the real issue.

Therefore, for most businesses to improve they need to look at their greatest asset, their team!

"If you look after your staff, they'll look after your customers.  Its that simple!"
- Richard Branson

Imagine getting crystal clear on your unique business strategy, elevating your team to perform at their peak, leveraging your time to increase your income and impact, and fully embodying the leadership role in your business.

How much easier will it be taking the guess work out of maximising your productivity and instead following a proven roadmap to success that will support you with accelerating your business growth. 

I know you are ready to take your skillset to the next level and turn your ambitious goals into a reality, now. You're done with waiting and telling yourself things will get better, while still nothing changes. Now is the time for change. Ready?


I know I'm ready

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So where are you now?

❌ Maybe you're lacking a little in confidence and constantly questioning your own decisions

❌ Perhaps you're suffering from overwhelm and not being able to prioritise which job needs doing first, leading to procrastination. But whilst you are procrastinating, the workload keeps on increasing

❌ Possibly, you are struggling to sleep at night as you are dreading what is going to happen the next day

❌ Potentially, you have lost direction of where you are headed and what you actually want

❌ Perhaps, you're frustrated because you have invested so much time and effort in the team but still not getting the engagement you want and need

❌ Or maybe, your business is struggling with staff turnover, poor morale and disillusionment which is impacting your sales. And, because of the additional costs involved of employing new staff, impacting bonuses and bottom line profit.

Where do you want to be?


✅  Visualise, getting out of bed every morning with a smile on your face as you feel your confidence oozing through you

✅  Picture this, whatever work crosses your desk, you know the best way to prioritise and handle it

✅  Envisage going to sleep every night knowing that no matter what happens the next day, you can deal with it with absolute certainty!

✅  Imagine that you are crystal clear in what you want and where you are headed in life with a clear path to follow

✅  And visualise this, your team becoming so empowered and they are doing their roles so well, that you can look at them with absolute pride with the role you have played  

✅  Resulting in fully engaged, dedicated teams producing great results, because of a great team morale, impacting turnover, bonuses and profit.

So the only question is; how do you get from where you are now, to where you want to be?

Let's go!


1. Mastering the art

of Making Decisions.


2.  Mastering the art of Developing your Team.


3.  Mastering the art of Developing the Individuals.

4.  Mastering the art of Creating Your Own Destiny.


Why is this important?


1:  Mastering the art of Making Decisions.
It sounds simple doesn't it?  However, the amount of decisons made with an unclear outcome in mind is frightening.  The team need to see clear, confident decision making skills to be fully supportive and engaged.

2:  Mastering the art of Developing Your Team.
Teams that pull together are special as they are all working for the same goal.  Collaborating together, resolving issues before they become real issues, encouraging and assisting each other to make the right decisions for the good of everyone and the business.

3:  Mastering the art of Developing the Individuals.
Everyone has their own strengths and when these are mastered, it will increase confidence, self worth and enhance the skills of ther person involved.  This will encourage leadership from within, adding to the assets in your team.

4:  Mastering the art of Creating Your Own Destiny.
Ultimately, this is the reason you are doing what you are doing, to achieve results.  However, quite often you will be expected to achieve these results without the foundations being in place to give you the solid base of which to work from.

That sounds amazing!


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Why is NOW, the right time for you?

  • Breakdown in key workplace relationship sees half (49%) of UK workers leave job because of line manager
  • Fewer than one in five workers (18%) feel they can trust their boss
  • More than half (59%) of staff never socialise with their manager
  • A third of UK employees (34%) would actively avoid their manager outside of work
  • Four in 10 managers (39%) say they’ve never received management training
    (Source:  Totaljobs)

    Potentially resulting is poor morale, and increased staff turnover.  According to XperHR, the costs to employ someone new is:  
  • 10 weeks for directors (£12,780) 
  • six weeks for managers (£3,945)
  • four weeks for staff (£2,158)

    So doesn't it make sense to utilise and manage the greatest assets in your business and teams?


You will be guided through this
proven 7-step roadmap to
Management M.A.S.T.E.R.Y.




Who want to improve the impact they have on their team for greater success.

Business Owners

Who want to be able to advance their teams ability and produce better results and expand their business. 


If you’re not satisfied with how the management team operates and the results being achieved.  You want to see it continuously improve, then ‘The University’ is the place for you to solidify your businesses future, increasing turnover and profit.

HR Professionals

Who want their management teams to develop and inspire the next level of leaders but are not getting the results they crave.  'The University' will give your teams the skillset to be able to take themselves, and their teams, to the next level.

Regular 3 day trainings taking place in the Midlands

Also available for trainings in organisations
- contact for more information



(For those Leaders who want to take their managment skills to the 'next level'.)

Poonam - HR Officer

"I had the pleasure of attending one of Dave's courses.  Dave is an exceptional trainer, his best talent is that he cares. He cared enough to take the time to tailor the course according to the delegate needs. He cares enough to offer support throughout the course, and when that isn’t enough he will go the extra mile in his own time to ensure that he has given you the best possible help he can. Not only does he teach you the tools you need to better perform in your role, but he also supports and motivates you to perform better. I’d recommend anyone to attend his courses and hopefully take away the positive messages that I did."

Paula - Manager

I had the pleasure of meeting Dave on a recent leadership training course. Not only did Dave greet me with the warmest, friendliest smile but throughout the day he was engaging, patient, professional and put me at complete ease. Every question was met with a thorough response, never did I feel that anything I asked was 'silly.' I came away from the day feeling empowered and with the best possible tools to confidently lead my Team. Having attended courses in the past where I have been 'talked at,' Dave's style of training was such a breath of fresh air - I felt valued and that my opinion was important. Without question, the knowledge that Dave shared with me is invaluable - this coupled with the fun that Dave injected made for my perfect learning environment. I highly recommend Dave to anyone that is lucky enough to come into contact with him - thank you!

Sarah - Learning & Development Specialist

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the training session last week; it was an absolute pleasure and a privilege to have you as our facilitator. I left the session with a host of new knowledge I will apply, a completely new perspective on how I need to view the training I deliver and I feel genuinely inspired. You have a fantastic gift for facilitation, thank you so much for your help."

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