18-19 June 2022





The last couple of years has proved that nothing in life is guaranteed!

But through the greatest challenges also come our greatest opportunities and results.

We all have the ability to change our mindset from existing to THRIVING and living the life of our dreams.  To decide that these challenges don't define us for ever more.

You, your family , friends and colleagues, everyone now has the opportunity to reconnect to their TRUE POTENTIAL and with the right tools, create the life they deserve.

Switch On The Light & Power Your Future is YOUR chance to break out of your self-limiting belief systems and completely REDESIGN your life.  To live life on your own terms no matter what 'curveballs' come your way, achieving all the love, happiness and success you want. 

But if you want to take your life to the next level, you can't just have the desire.  You must have the HUNGER that drives you to take ACTION!

And the first step is to join us this June.



Switch On The Light and Power Your Future (PYF) is the newest event from Dave Williams.  Dave has helped empower everyday people, from single parents  to high performing business leaders and law enorcement officers in four different continents.

This is an energy-packed two days of transformation where Dave and the team will be all in with you.

Let's be honest, we've all had challenges in life and we have adapted to meet those challenges.


For most people, these adaptations have resulted in different behaviours called coping mechanisms.

If you imagine stabilisers on a bike.  They are there to support you whilst you become more confident and established learning to ride aren't they?

They then get disgarded don't they so you can carry on with your own journey without them.
Unfortuantely, for most adults, the coping mechanisms they generate aren't disgarded and they use and adapt them through life, resulting in being highly likely to repeat mistakes in their personal and professional lives and jumping from one crisis to another through emotional reaction, play it safe action or possibly no action.

The knock on effect is often disappointing or at best, inconsistant results......!

There is no doubt that YOU personally will have picked up your own coping mechanisms (stabilisers) along the ways during stressful and turbulant times of loss, failure or rejection.

It is these coping mechanisms that served you at times of stress that are now holding you back both professionally and personally.

Your coping mechanisms might include: putting things off until the last minute, needing to be in control of things and people, pleasing others all the time to gain approval, not taking opportunities, overeating, not speaking up, avoiding conflict, beating yourself up, avoiding intimacy to name a few!

So what is the answer?

By following the strategies that will be shared at this weekend, you can destroy your coping mechanisms and live a more fulfilled, loving, happier successful life you were designed for!



In just the two days you will:


  • Identify and destroy your coping mechanisms

    that are preventing you from living life to the max and break through the obstacles in your way
  • Eliminate stress and overwhelm

    with Dave's system for managing your time and achieving the goals in your life
  • Overcome the real cause of depression

    that people don't talk about with proven tools and strategies 
  • Gain the unfair advantage

    that top performers practice and watch your goals become your new reality
  • Increase your confidence

    learn the strategies to become unstoppable!

Ticket Options

(Book early to reserve your place as we are limited to 100 seats)

General Ticket 
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(Early bird offer ends 31/5/22)

£149 £99

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VIP Ticket
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£249 £149

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General Ticket

- Two tickets for the above mentioned price so you can bring a guest with you

- Access to both days

- Workbook

- FREE Parking







VIP Ticket

- Premium seating at the front of the venue

- Dinner on Saturday evening with all the team

- Two tickets for the above mentioned price so you can bring a guest with you

-  Access to both days

- Workbook

- FREE Parking


Venue Details


Wade Conference Centre
North Staffordshire Medical Institute
Hartshill Road

What people have said about 

Dave's events: 


  • "I could really relate to it and realised that I never set myself goals anymore, I just stay in my comfort zone. So, I realised that I needed to change and have set myself 5 goals to focus on and I'm working through them, thanks to you."

  • "The event was great."
  • "I really enjoyed it. I love the fact that we can change our life."

  • "When I left the event, I was full of positive energy and a big smile."

  • "Honestly telling, it was an excellent experience."  

  • "Thank you so much that was inspirational."

  • "Very difficult to do what you do and do it well.  I left feeling empowered."

Who is the Switch On Your Light and Power Your Future event for?

From entrepreneurs, executives, creatives, coaches, doctors, professionals, students, athletes, leaders, and people who are looking for more in their lives... the list goes on.

Whoever you are and wherever you are - PYF can help you live your ultimate life.

So if you have a deep hunger inside to do more, be more, achieve MORE - then PYF is for YOU!


General Ticket 
Early Bird
(Early bird offer ends 31/5/22)

£149 £99

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VIP Ticket
Early Bird
(Early bird offer ends 31/5/22)

£249 £149

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Want a Money Back Guarantee? 
You got it..!

Switch On The Light and Power Your Future comes with a full money back guarantee.

You can attend the Switch On The Light and Power Your Future event and if you haven't had a great experience at the end of day 1, simply contact a member of the team for a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Switch On The light and Power Your Future event contains adult language and themes and is recommended for mature attendees aged 16 years and over. Due to the adult language and themes we do not allow children aged 10 or under to attend. Attendance by children aged 11-16 is only with parent or guardian discretion on the provision that they have a valid ticket and are accompanied by an adult at all times.



9 Brookwood Close, Newcastle-under-Lyme, ST5 4HU
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