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Dave Williams

Maybe you were like me when you were at school, thinking that life was going to be really exciting and looking forward to the future with not too many ups and downs until retirement. Get a job, find a partner, start a family and live happily ever after, well that’s what the Disney films always portray, right?

Then reality happens, and similar to myself, you have found there are many challenges throughout life. For me, this included divorce, being told in my mid 30’s that I would be in a wheel chair after a fall, fortunately this didn’t happen. In later years, surviving a near fatal a car accident. In addition, the totally unexpected loss of my partner.

As a result of these experiences, I hit ‘Rock Bottom’. I became an emotional wreck, suffered from anxiety and depression. I felt lost, lonely, resentful, full of self-loathing and at times suicidal. I am sure you can relate to the feeling of ‘why do these things always happen to me?’

"There are too many people who don’t believe in themselves enough. Unfortunately, there are a few people who believe in themselves too much!"

Dave Williams Coaching

I was constantly living in a negative state and as a result was inviting even more negative thoughts and dark feelings to take over. It was easier to be consumed by the negative thoughts on a daily basis. Situations and thoughts were controlling me instead of me controlling them. One step forward and three steps back, it became a vicious cycle.

However, I made the decision to take control, as ultimately, it is my life and

I wanted to live it! Maybe you can relate to the feeling of being in one situation but wanting to be in another.

Having sunk into the depths of depression after the loss of my partner, I knew I needed to find a way through to get my life back. Having thought long and hard about the strategies I had used to help get me through previous challenges, and applying them to get me positive results. By using these strategies, my life has now changed massively and in such a positive way, and I will be sharing them with you.

I’m a firm believer that everyone is so much stronger than they believe and sometimes they just need someone to show the way. Show them how to gain clarity on their situation, going from ‘Rock Bottom’ to enjoying life again and looking positively to their future.

‘Life is too short to be a prisoner in your own negative emotions as you have so much to give to yourself and others’

Dave Williams Coaching

I have been coaching, mentoring and training people for many years now, helping people out of situations that they didn’t want to be in. Where they couldn’t see a resolution and I have helped them gain clarity and given strategies for a permanent solution.

The beauty of the results that clients achieve is that it doesn’t just positively impact the client, it impacts everyone around them as well, loved ones, friends and colleagues.

Maybe, you can achieve these results like my clients and start living instead of being a prisoner.

"The life in front of you is far more important than the life behind you."

Joel Osteen

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